Knights Templar Sword For Sale - History Of The Knights Templar
Knights Templar Sword
The Knights Templar, formed in 1118 and disbanded in 1307, are surrounded by myth and legend, up to the disappearance of their naval fleet just before King Phillipe of France moved to have all the Templars arrested and their assets seized. Some say the fleet likely found refuge in Scotland and in fact, some scholars contend the very Scottish victory over the English at Bannockburn in 1314, that which ended the English designs on Scotland, was due to a mounted charge of Templars throwing themselves into the battle. The connection here with the Skull and Crossbones is that it was the Knights Templar marine battle flag.

The Scottish destination of the Templars in 1307 is further implied by the presence of a large number of Templar gravestones found there. The concentration of these anonymous, spartan gravestones, as the centuries go by gradually develop more elaborate designs including, masonic images, maltese crosses and in some cases the skull and crossbones itself on the undated flat stones which also bore the outline of the particular Knights Templar Sword.
Our version of the Knights Templar Sword for sale has an huge overall length of 41 inches and the hand polished stainless steel 33 inch blade is sharpened and oiled. The full metal cast silver colored hilt is accented with golden inlays of religious icons and scenes from the Templar Knight history. It is accompanied with a beautiful wooden display plaque.

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Knights Templar Long Sword and Wall Plaque

Knights Templar Long Sword and Wall Plaque
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This classic medieval-style sword features a stainless steel 36" blade with intricate etching. The cast metal handle, guard and pommel offer Knights Templar imagery that enhances the overall appearance of this fine collectible item...

12th Century Razor Sharp Knights Templar Medieval War Sword

12th Century Razor Sharp Knights Templar Medieval War Sword
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One of the best known orders of knights today is the Knights Templar, who are as well known for their mystery and intrigue as they were for their prowess in battle. And this Templars Medieval War Sword embodies their skill in military action...

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