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CF Swords has just gotten a whole lot bigger after teaming up with developer 3rd Sense and Fizzy Games to help introduce the Medieval 3-D action arcade and RPG world of Swords and Sandals. These free medieval games online are an epic mix of story and fast paced action arcade combat that continues through to the newer releases, Swords and Sandals - Crusader; which combines the previous arcade action combat with an RPG strategy element, and then again in Swords and Sandals - Solo Ultratus which takes you back into the biggest gladiator ring ever! You can customize your character, choose your weapons, armor, magic spells and potions, and enter the Gladiator ring; or lay siege to castles in the pouring rain, fight a giant Cyclops in dank swampland, or send your cavalry against a horde of skeletons in the heat of the scorching desert and much more!

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Swords And Sandals - Gladiator
( Swords And Sandals 1 )

The Swords And Sandals free medieval game online adventure begins with Swords And Sandals - Gladiator. You start by creating your hero and battling your way to fame and fortune upon the sands of the Gladiator arena. Tooltips will guide your way through the game specifics and help you towards your success in this first entry of the Swords And Sandals series. You can buy weapons and armour, based on your play-style, and when you are ready, enter the Gladiator arena, hear the crowd roar, and defeat your opponents to win both xp and gold. Can you defeat all of the arena champions, and reign as champion yourself, becoming the ultimate Gladiator?

Swords And Sandals - Emperors Reign
( Swords And Sandals 2 )

The Swords And Sandals free medieval game online adventure continues with Swords And Sandals - Emperors Reign. Much is different, but the basics are the same. Following the cliffhanger of Swords And Sandals - Gladiator, you must rise from the dirt of poverty and shame after being released from your chains in a dark cell, and again thrust yourself into the battle arena. You must fight for your life, fame and fortune by creating your hero and choosing from a greater selection of weapons, including some amazing ranged choices. Hear the crowd roar as you are now aided in your quest with newfound magic abilities and potions. Will this give you the edge you need to become the champion, and finally put to rest the Emperors Reign?

Swords And Sandals - Crusader

The Swords And Sandals free medieval game online adventure continues with Swords And Sandals - Crusader. Much more has changed after the dramatic conclusion of Swords And Sandals - Emperor's Reign. Following the revelation in the previous chapter, the undead Emperor Antares returns to conquer Brandor, and you are forced out of the Gladiator ring and onto an online 3-D RPG Medieval battlefield. Featuring 4 different game types, particle weather and spell effects as well as a huge variety of army choices, the battle has truly intensified. You can lay siege to castles in the pouring rain with your catapult, fight a giant Cyclops in  the dank and dark swampland or send an entire cavalry against a horde of skeletons in the blazing heat of the scorching desert. Will you finally be able to stake your claim as the finest Crusader in the realm, and put Antares to rest?

Swords And Sandals - Solo Ultratus
( Swords And Sandals 3 )

The Swords And Sandals free medieval game online adventure continues with Swords And Sandals - Solo Ultratus. The world of Swords and Sandals hurls you back into the gladiator ring in the greatest tournament on the planet. Forget all you thought you knew about Swords and Sandals and prepare yourself for the quest of a thousand lifetimes! Powerful new Arena Champions await you. Are you ready to become the ultimate gladiator? In Swords and Sandals - Solo Ultratus you will fight against the realm's most powerful Arena Champions across a sweeping epic spanning 24 chapters. You will duel in 7 new and different arenas that include the Caverns of Malice and the Bone Pit and you will be able to cast over 50 powerful new spells including Reqiuem of Mourning and Molten Death. There are thousands of new magical weapons, helmets and armour including Legendary and Artifact sets. You can load and save multiple gladiators and control the careers of up to ten gladiators with no loading times! The battles in Swords And Sandals - Solo Ultratus start instantly with no wait time and you can change options to play the game in full screen with high quality stereo sound!
Swords And Sandals Gladiator
Swords And Sandals Emperors Reign
Swords And Sandals Crusader
Swords And Sandals Solo Ultratus
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