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Viking Shield For Sale

Viking ShieldVikings were warriors who raided the coasts of Europe and the British Isles from the 9th to 11th century. At the beginning of the Viking Age they were the best shipbuilders and sailors in the world and they later ventured as far as Greenland and North America. At the height of the Viking Age, the typical Viking warship had a high prow and was adorned with the figure of an animal, and a high stern. It seated up to 30 vikings and had an average crew of 90. Its square sails were perpendicularly striped in many colors, and the entire ship was vividly painted and elaborately carved. On both sides of the ship hung a row of painted round Viking shields. This is the most familiar Viking ship, but many other types varied according to purpose and period. Among the causes that drove the Vikings from their lands were overpopulation, internal dissension, quest for trade, and thirst for adventure.

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