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CF Swords - Display SwordsCF Swords (originally named Casting Forge Swords) is an entirely Canadian owned business that has been around for over 20 years with our primary focus being the best online source of the finest quality swords for sale as well as other weapons sales for our customers.

How We Started

From a very young age I had always been fascinated by the past, from Knights in shining armor to the samurai of feudal Japan as well as the weapons they wield. Over 20 years ago, I managed to obtain a movie sword from one of my favorite films, it was both priceless and one of a kind. During a move to a new location the handle was broken beyond repair and because of it’s unique nature, impossible to replace. I set out to fix it myself and learned everything possible about custom casting and sword design. I wanted to keep as much of the original piece as possible. The blade was still in beautiful condition and the majority of the damage was to the handle, so I started there.

The original handle was carved out of wax, molded, and then resin casted. It was then assembled to the full tang blade with the guard for the final piece. Although I’d like to say the process was easy to duplicate, it wasn’t. Trial and error alone through each of the steps taught me this rare art form which I passed on to others. I already had a background in many of the oriental arts, carving, forging and sword assembly, but for this project I learned about wax sculpting, molding, and resin casting. As a result, I not only finished and fully restored the piece but started what eventually became CF Swords as well.

How We Do Business

To say that we run our business different than other online companies is probably an understatement. Any of our past customers will tell you that. We receive new sample items from various worldwide suppliers all the time wanting us to add their products to our site, but before blindly including them; we hold both online and public auctions for these items first. Many of you found us originally through these auctions. Based on the demand, interest and customer satisfaction we either add them to our inventory or pass on them.

Basically, our customers help build CF Swords and they become the best quality assurance testers we can have. In exchange for that help, they are able to be the first to own any of our new products long before anybody else, at the lowest possible prices.

Over the years and with the advances of web technology and Geo-Targeting we have been able to evolve from our humble beginnings into a true direct from supplier source, and we are now able to seamlessly integrate newly offered products into our sword shop inventory along with our exclusive products. In the spirit of our original customer feedback and satisfaction model, we have integrated a new sword ratings star system for confirmed owners to make sure we only offer the best quality swords.

Feel free to browse our new site and at the same time contact us with any questions or feedback you might have about us or our products. We treat every customer inquiry seriously and are more than happy to assist. Afterall a business is nothing without potential customers.

D Cooper
CF Swords

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