Official Limited AMC Walking Dead Michonne Katana

Walking Dead Sword

Michonne makes her first appearance in the widely popular AMC series when she saves Andrea’s life from a walker by decapitating it. She is shown accompanied by two walkers chained to her side, with their arms and lower jaws removed to prevent them from attacking her or others. In removing their ability to feed, Michonne effectively tamed these walkers. Michonne uses her walkers as not only mules by loading supplies onto their backs but also for camouflage and as a repellent. The presence of the walkers scent fools other walkers into thinking those accompanying them are also walkers. Michonne later dispatches them when they threatened to reveal her hidden position to an adversary.

Michonne’s weapon of choice is the katana which features a triquetra on the inner cross guard and fully replicated with the Official Limited AMC Walking Dead Michonne Katana. The triquetra, or as it is known in modern times, the trinity knot was used to represent love, honour, and protection in the old world. The symbol is also sometimes used by pagans to symbolize the Triple Goddess. It is later revealed during the series that Michonne was or is a Christian, having memorized much of the Bible, which may point to the triquetra symbolizing to her the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


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