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Eragon takes place in a land called Alagaesia, ruled by King Galbatorix, a former Dragon Rider who went mad after his dragon was killed and was denied another by the council.

Dragons were once involved in a partnership with Dragon Riders, and together they kept peace. Galbatorix, along with the Forsworn, a group of thirteen Riders who betrayed the order, destroyed and killed the council and their dragons and for years many believed they were extinct.

Eragon, a 15 year old living with his uncle and cousin, was hunting in the Spine mountains, a place filled with magic, when he came across a polished blue stone, which magically appeared in front of him in a violent explosion. Late one night while Eragon is looking at the stone, it starts glowing from the inside, and a baby dragon hatches from the stone, which was actually a dragon egg. He touches the dragon hatchling and the gedwey ignasia, a silver-white oval mark of a Dragon Rider, appears on his palm.

Eragon Swords For Sale

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