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Force FX Lightsabers

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, Lucasfilm and Master Replicas released the popular series of Force FX Lightsabers.

Master Replicas was the first company licensed to produce the fully functional replica Force FX Lightsabers. They feature an enhanced glowing blade with realistic power up and down sounds and light effects with 3 motion sensors for detecting the movement as well as an impact trigger effect whenever the blade hits a target.

In 2008 Lucasfilm and Hasbro using the Hasbro Signature Series line of toys, picked up where Master Replicas left off and released the updated Force FX Lightsabers series. They feature a sturdy polycarbonate blade permanently attached to lightly chrome-plated aluminum hilts. When lit up the glowing blade ignites with realistic power up and down sound effects newly digitally recorded from the Star Wars films, and further enhanced with 8 other motion sensor controlled sound effects including idle, 3 different movement sounds and 4 different clash effects.

Force FX Lightsabers For Sale

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