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As a Maia, Sauron was able to change his appearance for many years. In the beginning he likely wore a fair and noble seeming most of the time, but after switching his allegiance to Morgoth he frequently took the appearance of a dark and terrible shadow. As part of a plan to destroy Huan, Sauron took the form of the greatest werewolf which had been on Middle-earth up to that time, and then assumed several other forms when attempting to escape. He took a beautiful appearance once again at the end of the First Age in an effort to deceive Eonwe. He either remained such, or took this form again when appearing as Annatar to the Elves.

Like Morgoth, his ability to change his physical form, his hroa, was eventually reduced and lost entirely. After the destruction of his fair form in the fall of Numenor, Sauron was unable to take a pleasing appearance or veil his power again. Thereafter, at the end of the Second Age and again in the Third, he always took the shape of a terrible dark lord.

Isildur recorded that Sauron’s hand was black, and yet burned like fire, and so Gil-galad was destroyed and also, Smeagol/Gollum who was tormented by Sauron in person told Frodo that Sauron only had four fingers on one hand; apparently he was not able to restore the finger that Isildur had cut off.

Despite his retainment of his old black burning physical form, Sauron appeared metaphysically as an Eye to Frodo. The Eye of Sauron was yellow and had a black slit for an iris, resembling a cat’s, but was rimmed with fire.

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