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Video Game Swords

Historically, video games consisted of basic games that made use of interactive electronics and had various display formats and the current video game industry was spawned after a handful of commercially successful video games such as the coin operated Pong released in 1972 and then again in 1975 for the home version distributed by Atari.

This commercial success became the basis of an important entertainment industry in early 1980 in the United States, Japan, as well as Europe. Despite a few early highs and lows, the video game industry has experienced sustained growth for over two decades and has become a $10 billion a year industry, rivaling the motion picture industry as the most profitable entertainment industry in the world.

There are now numerous video game platforms as well as genres that include fighting games that feature custom created Video Game Swords as well as Video Game Weapons. As a result of their popularity the demand for Video Game Swords and Video Game Weapons patterned directly from the most popular offerings in the video game industry has increased as well.

Video Game Swords For Sale

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