Devil May Cry Swords

Devil May Cry is a third-person video game that was originally intended to be an entry into the Resident Evil series before the developers created the stand alone game centered around action and the signature Devil May Cry Weapons and Devil May Cry Swords. The main character in the series is Dante, who is hell bent on avenging his mother’s murder by exterminating all demons.

Devil May Cry actually starts 2000 thousand years prior to the first game in the series, with the demon Sparda – The Black Knight, defeating Mundus, who is ruler of the Demon World. Sparda stops Mundus from conquering the human world. The ritual required his own blood, and the aid of a powerful priestess. After his success, Sparda chose to remain on Earth where he established a religious sect.

During his time on Earth, Sparda fell in love with a beautiful, human woman named Eva, who gave birth to their twin boys, Dante and Vergil. These brothers were each given half of a locket belonging to their father, which consisted of a relic and sword. Mundas would cause tragedy to befall both boys throughout history, starting with the murder of their mother as revenge against Sparda. While Vergil was consumed, Dante instead rose up and embraced his heritage as both human and demon to track down and defeat Mundas.

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