Legend Of Zelda Swords

Finally the Legend Of Zelda Swords collection. The Legend Of Zelda takes place in the Kingdom of Hyrule which is in utter chaos after being invaded by an army led by the evil sorceror Ganon who has found the Triforce of Power, an artifact that grants superhuman strength. As legend has it in response to the invasion Princess Zelda of Hyrule split one of the artifacts pieces, the Triforce of Wisdom into eight fragments and hid them in various dungeons to prevent Ganon from locating them and putting them together. When an old woman named Impa is surrounded by some of Ganons men, Link, who is just a youth defends her and drives them off. In thanks Impa recounts the legend to Link who then vows to save Zelda and fight Ganon by locating the scattered fragments himself. Throughout his quest Link locates various hidden dungeons and retrieves the fragments along with a Silver Arrow and his Master Sword. Using the newly reassembled Triforce of Wisdom Link sneaks into Ganons fortress and confronts him to try and restore peace to Hyrule and free Zelda. This popular video game inspired the collection of Legend Of Zelda Swords.

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