Medieval Swords

The Medieval period of history, known as the Middle Ages, is the era of time that lasted approximately 1,000 years from the 5th to 16th centuries taking place between the Dark Ages and Rennaisance. The Middle Ages began after the collapse of The Roman Empire and was replaced by numerous smaller kingdoms, some of which accepted Christianity and the church. The church was a powerful institution during this age and became the element that bound Europe together where much warring between kingdoms took place. The people of the Middle Ages had a very basic culture that included the head patriarch, clergy, farmers, as well as tradesmen. One of these trades was blacksmithing. They produced the Medieval Swords and Medieval Weapons and armour used by knights defending the kingdom or attacking other kingdoms. Medieval Weapons ranged from axes, daggers, and knives to blunt weapons like spears, polearms or ranged weapons like the crossbow or bow but the most often used in combat were Medieval Swords like the long or short sword, claymore, falchion, or flamberge depending on the location in Europe.

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