Renaissance Swords

The Renaissance period, often referred to as an Age Of Enlightenment in historical texts, was a cultural advancement that began in Italy and spread throughout the rest of Europe between the 14th to the 17th centuries. The Renaissance saw numerous developments in education, social and political change and is probably best known for the advances in the arts that were all but at a stand since the Dark Ages. The introduction and advances of black powder weapons, such as firearms and cannons as well as changes in war tactics contributed to the decline in the use of the sword and they became more of a fashion item than a battlefield weapon. However the Renaissance period introduced the art of fencing with very specific rules and this new art form soon became the gentlemans way of settling a dispute which gave birth to new types of Renaissance Swords. These Renaissance Swords soon became part of normal attire throughout Europe, France, Spain and Britain with each country creating there own unique design for their version of these Renaissance Swords.

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