Historical Swords

Throughout history our ancestors have manufactured bladed weapons that started as simple daggers and developed into longer bladed weapons that eventually became the modern day sword. Historical Swords started being manufactured during the Bronze Age from a combination of metals including tin, copper and bronze with the oldest recovered sword dating back to 3,000 B.C. in Europe. These Historical Swords were kept short because the metal used for the construction was easily bent. It was not until the Iron Age and a change in the type of metal being used during the forging process which included iron and eventually steel, that Historical Swords began to take on their longer lengths. By the Middle Ages sword making became diverse in style and unique in appearance to specific regions which included the Longswords of Europe, the Tachi of Japan and the Jian or Dao of China, among many others. The late Middle Ages and Renaissance period saw the birth of more modern looking bladed weapons that included the Oriental Katana as well as the European Rapier which integrated an ornate hilt in the overall design.

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