Militaria Swords

Militaria is typically defined by collectors as those antiques older than 50 years and were used by either military or governing police forces from all nations around the world and subsequently collected for their historical value. Although militaria collectibles include a number of items that include uniforms, helmets, military orders, badges, insignia metals and ribbons as well as field gear, the most popular as well as most valuable among them are actual Militaria Swords and Militaria Weapons, dating before 1700 A.D. Collecting these Militaria Swords and Militaria Weapons is a well established hobby among many groups of people and European, Asian and Oriental families with a long martial tradition or families that had members who served in Pre, Post and World Wars, have large collections that have been passed down through the generations and provide a further family history. Although most militaria dealers stock original Militaria Swords and Militaria Weapons there are numerous companies that manufacture reproduction items to replace those parts of collections that have gone missing or have been lost to time.

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