Oriental Swords

The evolution and history of Oriental Swords was closely associated with the Samurai, the warrior class of feudal Japan, or Bushi as they were known. As masters of the art of war they themselves evolved from being employed as guards serving powerful leaders, into a dominant class of their own. It led to the establishment of a feudalistic military which established the Ways of the Bushido to dominate the Japanese feudal and social structures for 700 years. Their primary role as military knights included total and absolute allegiance for whom they were pledged to fight, and if need be, die defending. They adhered to strict martial codes and were uncompromising in their observance of honorable and chivalrous behaviors. Honor was life and they would sooner embrace death than be dishonored. There demand for dependable weapons of the highest quality produced Oriental Swords of unrivalled perfection during a era where honor and chivalry were their life. They wore two Oriental Swords during battle, the long sword (daito) and the short sword shoto (wakazashi).

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