Authentic Samurai Swords

Although CF Swords has specialized in custom and sword repair since 2003, we also carry Authentic Samurai Swords from some of the top sword producing forges including Dynasty, Hanwei, Masahiro, Musashi, and Ryumon, and because of our longstanding relationship, can offer them to you at the best possible prices. These are fully functional Authentic Samurai Swords that not only look and feel like the originals, but can also cut like the originals. Hand crafted, hand forged and heat tempered, these swords are not just for display. If you have been looking for authentic top quality, battle ready, full tang swords, then look no further. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to find an affordably priced Authentic Samurai Sword either. In the tradition of the ancient swordsmith these battle ready functional katana are forged like the originals and each have differentially heat tempered full tang carbon steel blades that are perfectly weighted. These are not flimsy copies, but something that can be used for sparring or tameshigiri. We also carry accessories for customization, professional sharpening and polishing kits, and tameshigiri kits.

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