Master Cutlery Swords

Master Cutlery, located in Secaucus, New Jersey in the United States is one of the pioneers in the knife and sword industry and for over 20 years they have focused on product development and they continue to strive to offer the best products in that industry. Master Cutlery is considered one of the largest importers of knives and swords and own numerous manufacturers overseas. Master Cutlery boasts some of the newest and hottest products in the knife and sword industry and have many exclusive items that are designed in house by many famous designers such as Tom Anderson and Shane Sloan. To coincide with the release of Eragon in 2006, Master Cutlery was exclusively commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox to produce the Master Cutlery Swords edition of the Eragon collection which was produced by one of their overseas manufacturers. It is also a source of speculation among the sword collecting community that Master Cutlery Swords also owns the forges that produce the Masahiro Swords and Ryumon Swords collections as they are one of the major distributers in the United States for both series of weapons.

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