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Paul Chen Katanas

Chen Chao-Po better known as Paul Chen operates Hanwei, which is the company responsible for the manufacturing of the line of Paul Chen Katanas in Dalian, China known as the Steel City of northern China.

Paul Chen is a Taiwanese sword collector who in 1993 decided to open a factory that would replicate the Japanese Edo Period of forging katana and then distribute them in the United States through C.A.S. Iberia.

Paul Chen Katanas were a commercial success among both sword collectors and sword enthusiasts and after the Hanwei purchase of C.A.S. Iberia in 2006, which has since been renamed to C.A.S. Hanwei in a merger of East meets West, has moved into manufacturing Chinese Swords designed by world famous Kung Fu and Tai Chi Master Adam Hsu as well as a European Swords collection.

Most Paul Chen Katanas as well as other sword offerings are constructed using high quality 1090 carbon steel, but Swedish powdered steel, Tamahagane, Bainite and L6 Tool steel has slowly become the more popular material used in later models.

Paul Chen Katanas For Sale

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