United Cutlery Swords

United Cutlery was founded in 1984 originally as a design and sourcing company for the sporting cutlery industry based out of Sevierville, Tennessee. As the United Cutlery brand expanded they began to produce unique products that covered virtually every category and in 1987 United Cutlery was licensed to produce the knife that was featured in the film Rambo. As a result of that commercial success they began to produce other movie replica cutlery products and United Cutlery Swords for no less than 30 different movies that include Lord Of The Rings, Blade, Zorro and Hellboy. During this time they began to produce their fantasy line of United Cutlery Swords created by Kit Rae who designs exclusively for the United Cutlery brand and has a 16 year history of knife and sword design. Other exclusive agreements with other custom designers were made that include Fred Carter, Gil Hibben, and Dellana and each of them has their own unique style. With this success United Cutlery was able to grow from a small cutlery sourcing company to the fastest growing, most creative, and dynamic cutlery company in the world.

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