45′ Sheath Walking Dead Michonne 1095 carbon Steel clay tempered rose Sword


(as of 12/09/2018 at 05:46)


The blade is made by ancient Japanese ways, with hand forged hand polished and hand sharpened. The sword blade is made of 1095 Carbon steel. The blade is sharpened by several grades of sharpen stones, making sword very sharp. The sword is full tang blade and its tuska (handle) has two bamboo pegs, making sword very fix and battle ready. The sword can cut bamboo and tree and paper. it is also clay tempered ,making the cutting edge harder than the other area .

  • 1.1095 carbon steel clay tempered blade sword 2. Fully handmade,full tang sharp edge blade sword 3. Professional sword maker made 4. Approx 28″blade&16″handle&45″ overall 5. Red rose wooden sheath,wooden handle copper tsuba and accessories5. Packaged with high quality plastic foam,very safe ,free send random bag.free carved a name.


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