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There are thousands of different swords and knives available online, and one of the most popular categories of them is historical replicas. Historic replicas of swords and knives can be grouped into a few different categories:

Replicas from Antiquity

Replica weaponry from Ancient History can be anything from a Roman Gladus to a curved blades of Hebrew warriors written about in the bible. Replicas from ancient history can be made from bronze or even iron to mimic the materials of the time.

Replicas from The Medieval Time Period

Medieval swords and knives typically span the time period of 600 AD to 1500 AD. The most popular Medieval replica blades are those from the various Crusades, specifically those swords used by the Knights Templar.

Dark Ages Replicas

The Dark Ages is a time period that took place between 467 AD to 800 AD. Unlike Medieval weaponry that tends to be ornate and detailed, replicas from the Dark Ages are much more barbaric and simple looking.

Scottish Weaponry Replicas

Scottish weapons are typically large two handed swords, known as Great Swords. These Great Swords were used extensively in the making of Braveheart.

Samurai Sword Replicas

The Japanese Katana is one of the most popular historical replicas available. Used by the Samurai throughout Japanese history, the Katana was even taken into battle by Japanese officers during World War 2.

Swords from the Modern Era

Sword replicas from the Modern Era include cavalry swords from the Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil War. Replicas from this era tend to be very ornate and detailed.

Choosing The Right Replica For You

The quality of a replicas manufacturing is a very important factor, but even more important is your interest in the sword or knife. Almost all historical replicas are designed to be for display only. Unless you have a particular time period in mine, you should browse one of the many online stores to find a replica you would like to see hanging in your home or office.

Guy Malroy is a professor of military history and the University of Caldwell. His specialty is in the use of Knives and Swords during the battle of Thermopoly. Guy is a avid collector of Buck Knives and replica weapons. Guy recently completed a research study at the University of Nampa.


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