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Samurai Armor For SaleArguably the most popular offering from Samurai History is the Samurai Sword, however there are almost as many varieties of Samurai Armor For Sale as well for the avid collector.

Samurai Armor evolved as often as the Samurai Sword did itself, so as to defend against the improvements of the Samurai’s primary weapon, as well as arrows, spears and other weapons. Unlike armor worn by medieval knights, Samurai Armor was instead designed for ease of movement as well as overall protection.

Each suit of Samurai Armor was as unique as the individual wearing it, as each Clan or Feudal Lord House had very distinctive methods of both wearing and assembling the armor. Samurai Armor was originally made of small brass plates on a silk cloth backing which later evolved into leather plates reinforced by steel, linked together with a combination of silk and leather cords similar to European chain mail armor and then brightly painted.

Each piece of Samurai Armor was designed to fully protect the chest, shoulders, thighs, legs, arms and accompanied with a large metal head piece and throat guard for the face and head and patterned after elder warriors, ancient demons and animals.

As war slowly faded throughout Japanese history, so did the use of this type of Japanese armor and it gradually became more often used more for ceremonial purposes or cultural events.


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